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We are a small, friendly and talented team helping our clients share their stories.

Christopher Simons

Shop Chief

Holly White

Photo / Animation

Jessica Laake


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After five years in the agency world producing brand-driven commercials and image videos accross the Midwest, Christopher Simons created Diesel Pictures. It would bring the Iowa filmmaker and videographer back to his roots, and closer to his original mission behind the camera; to tell great stories.

While still producing award-winning ads, Chris' main concentration is on emotional storytelling; commercials, web videos, short films, feature films, documentaries and television programming.

  • Archival

    Everyone has memories they would like preserved. You may have yours in a box of old VHS home movies. Or perhaps, Super8mm film. We move those cherished moments to a medium that preserves, stores and makes them more readily available for you. We convert 8mm, Digital8, VHS, Betamax, miniDV, DV, BetaSP, 3/4”, 8mm film, Super8 film, 16mm film to DVD or hard drive. We work with stills as well. We’ll scan your paused life moments with family and friends to digital versions so you can share and store.

  • Digital Cinema

    Stories are told everyday in ways that make people laugh, cry, but most importantly, feel. With every project we take on, we bring the viewer on a journey that makes them feel something. Whether that feeling is melancholy, pain or joy. We would love to be a part of telling your story.

  • Aerial

    We realize that sometimes you need to put a camera on a ladder. Sometimes, you need to get on a roof. And, sometimes you just need to be about 300’ in the air. That’s where Diesel Pictures comes in. We fly a state of the art, FreeFly low-altitude heavy lift craft that gets the shot you need, without the expense of plane or helicopter rentals.

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